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Steel Marshal

Steel Marshal

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TES V - Skyrim Mods: Lord Marshal and Steel Falcon

Skyrim Mods - Steel Falcon & Lord Marshal [4k/HD]

Join the battle of World War II in Steel Marshal that drives you into the realistic world war. you will enjoy commanding your troops to raid where you want them to raid.

Steel Marshal tries to restore realistic and thorough experience of World War II, combining PvP tank battle and various ways to play in different regions of the world. Players would steel themselves a lot in battles by using the production and scientific-research system, and use military or diplomatic means to interact with other players to eventually build up a powerful tank empire!

Modern armored vehicles: All kinds of tanks, self-propelled guns, chariots, rocket car, you name it! Join the fight with your state-of-the-art armored vehicles!

Unique world map can support tens of thousands of players to go fight in the meantime, like Blitz, Tactical Raids, Pivot Defense, Long-distance Strikes etc. All those tactical and strategic intentions can be perfectly shown in the map right ahead of you.

Massive group battle pillage: what you are gonna command is not only a battle group made up of a couple of tanks, but an armored group that every single macho man who has hot blood running inside him is eager to command! All group members! Go crush your enemy’s base! Conquer the world in your tanks!

Realistic battling experience: Steel Marshal has professional-looking 4D graphics, all-round operation, free-to-choose establishments, broad world map, spreading with abundant resources. Drive your tank into the world battle with the mesh of blood and steel!

Highly free development mode: the depth of gameplay challenges your wisdom and ability. You can make the most of the value of your establishments and perform your explosive power in the battlefield by developing your establishments in different ways, by reasonably matching tanks with their parts, and by changing the lineup of fightable units.

Such tactics as blitz, group army charging, bushwhacking, wolves assaulting, etc. are used to the full in the game. Different tactics are used against different opponents. You can take initiative to seek the main force of your opponent and defeat him with one deadly blow. If you confront with a powerful opponent, you can make a sudden raid to his resources, and take advantage of time difference to draw his fightable units and take them out bit by bit to finally achieve a classic campaign during which the weak defeat the strong.


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